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September 2023

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Message from our C.E.O.     Chaim Herzberg

Behind every great company are great employees. As C.E.O. I am fortunate to interact with such people on a daily basis. I have found that The Springs of Arkansas has truly become
like a second family to many of us. We are building together, and most importantly, growing together. Please know, that we appreciate every single person’s efforts in making our company the greatest one in the state!
I look forward to sending out this monthly newsletter to all of you and to our extended Springs family on social media. It will be a way in which we can showcase the amazing things all of you do on a daily basis to help make our company into the great one that it is.
I look forward to seeing this newsletter develop from month to month, and I am very excited to show all of you how amazing you all are.

Message from our C.E.O. Chaim Herzberg

Wow! What a summer! I hope you all had the opportunity to take advantage of the warmer weather to enjoy the outdoors and do summery activities. I find that the summer is a natural time of re-energizing ourselves for the fall and winter that are heading our way.

This summer we had the special opportunity to help hundreds of local school-children prepare for the upcoming year. Our very own residents and staff helped pack backpacks with school supplies, and we gave them out to children in the local school districts.

Many residents felt a special feeling of renewal as they helped these youngsters prepare for their year. Check out the pictures in this newsletter. I'm personally very proud of each one of our team members and our residents for participating in this momentous project so excitedly and happily! Thank you!

As we enter into the next season of the year, I always find that it's an excellent time to reflect on the future. There are so many ways to welcome the new season. I love certain feelings that Autumn (Fall) brings. It is a time of change, as we watch nature prepare for the winter. It's also a time of preservation.

I personally embrace these times and look forward to allowing these feelings to enhance my own life as well as my professional life with The Springs of Arkansas! Here's to a wonderful September as we continue on our march to excellence together!


Touchdowns, Teamwork, & Togetherness!

Dear Springs of Arkansas Family,

Touchdowns of Teamwork:

Much like a football team on the field, our staff demonstrates unwavering dedication and cooperation every day. We've scored countless touchdowns in the realm of patient care, where our united efforts create an atmosphere of compassion and healing. Your individual roles come together to create a formidable team that not only provides excellent care but also uplifts the spirits of our residents. Let's continue to inspire each other and reach new heights!

The Huddle of Togetherness:

Just as a team huddles up to strategize and find their rhythm, our long-term care family huddles around the values of unity, respect, and empathy. Our residents are at the heart of this huddle, and each member of our staff plays a vital role in creating an environment that feels like home. The bonds we've formed with our residents and their families extend beyond the professional, showcasing our commitment to creating lasting connections.

Football Frenzy: A Team Effort:

Fall wouldn't be complete without football, a sport that epitomizes the power of collaboration. This season, let's draw inspiration from football's playbook as we work together seamlessly, communicate effectively, and celebrate each other's victories – big and small. Whether it's a successful treatment plan, a heartwarming interaction, or a breakthrough moment, every achievement counts.

Family: Our Strongest Support:

Just as football players draw strength from their families, our long-term care family stands as our backbone. We're grateful for the understanding and encouragement that our families provide, recognizing that their trust in us enhances our ability to provide exceptional care. Let's continue to foster a culture of openness and communication, ensuring that every family feels included and informed.

As we embrace the fall season, let's remember that just like a football team, we're stronger together. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to our residents and their families. Your dedication truly makes a difference in their lives.

Touchdowns are temporary, but the bonds we build are forever. Let's keep winning as a team!


Jolene Johnson

Pictures from the Month of August 2023

Employee of the Month & Rising Star


Embracing the Autumnal Harvest: A Guide to Healthy Living in the Fall


As the vibrant hues of autumn paint the world around us, it's the perfect time to align our lifestyles with the changing season. Fall, with its crisp air and bountiful harvest, provides an opportunity to reinvigorate our commitment to healthy living. In this article, we'll explore some essential tips for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle during this enchanting season.

Seasonal Eating

One of the joys of fall is the abundance of fresh, seasonal produce. Embrace the harvest by incorporating a variety of autumn fruits and vegetables into your diet. Apples, pears, pumpkins, squash, sweet potatoes, and Brussels sprouts are just a few examples of fall favorites. These foods are not only delicious but also rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which can support your overall health.

Hydration Matters

While you might not be sweating as profusely as in the summer, it's essential to stay adequately hydrated year-round. In the fall, you can switch up your beverage choices with herbal teas, warm lemon water, or spiced apple cider. Hydration helps maintain your energy levels, supports digestion, and keeps your skin looking radiant.

Outdoor Activities

Fall provides the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities. Enjoy the crisp air and stunning foliage by going for hikes, bike rides, or long walks in your local parks or nature reserves. Gardening is another fantastic way to connect with nature while getting some exercise. The moderate temperatures and reduced humidity make outdoor activities in the fall especially enjoyable.

Mindful Eating

As the days grow shorter, it's easy to indulge in comfort foods. While occasional treats are fine, practicing mindful eating can help you maintain a balanced diet. Pay attention to your hunger and fullness cues, savor the flavors of seasonal dishes, and avoid overeating. This mindful approach can help you navigate the season's temptations without compromising your health goals.

Immune Support

With the arrival of fall also comes the start of the flu season. Prioritize your immune health by eating a well-balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, getting enough sleep, and managing stress through relaxation techniques like meditation and deep breathing exercises. Consider getting a flu shot to protect yourself and those around you.

Fall Fitness

Don't let cooler weather be an excuse to skip your workouts. Fall offers a beautiful backdrop for outdoor exercise. Whether it's jogging through a park adorned with colorful leaves or practicing yoga in your backyard, find ways to stay active and keep your fitness routine going. You can also explore indoor fitness classes or activities like dancing, swimming, or indoor rock climbing.

Seasonal Self-Care

Embrace the cozy and comforting aspects of fall by prioritizing self-care. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home with candles, soft blankets, and soothing music. Take time to read, meditate, or practice hobbies that bring you joy. Fall is an excellent season for reflection and nurturing your mental and emotional well-being.


Fall is a season of change, and by aligning our habits with the natural rhythms of autumn, we can promote a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Embrace the fall harvest, engage in outdoor activities, and prioritize self-care to make the most of this enchanting season. As the leaves fall and the air turns crisp, let your commitment to healthy living be a source of warmth and vitality in your life.

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